Bootloader files and partitoning data to create a bootable Ubuntu Core image for the MX6Q Sabre Lite
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MX6 Sabre Lite Gadget Snap

This repository contains the source for an Ubuntu Core gadget snap for the MX6q Sabre Lite board. Building it with snapcraft will automatically pull, configure, patch and build the upstream source for mx6qsabrelite_config at release v2017.01 and produce a bootable gadget snap with the resulting binaries.

Gadget Snaps

Gadget snaps are a special type of snaps that contain device specific support code and data. You can read more about them in the snapd wiki


Natively on armhf

To build the gadget snap locally on a native armhf system just run snapcraft in the toplevel of the tree.

Cross on x86 systems

Copy the crossbuild-snapcraft.yaml over snapcraft.yaml and run snapcraft

cp crossbuild-snapcraft.yaml snapcraft.yaml