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RTTY Decoder for SDR and HAB
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HABDEC - RTTY decoder for High Altitude Balloons

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Habdec is a C++11 software to decode RTTY telemetry from High Altitude Balloon and upload it to UKHAS Habitat

Some facts:

  • builds and runs on Windows/Linux and x64/RaspberryPI/OdroixXU4 platforms
  • Uses SoapySDR to consume IQ stream from your SDR
  • runs in command line (headless)
  • provides websocket server so can be controlled from any web browser even on your phone
  • can be easily integrated into your own code

Original motivation for habdec was to have a portable tracking device you could take to a chasecar or into a field.

Fatty laptop with dl-fldigi, full-fledged SDR app and required internet connection is not too comfortable.

Ultimatelly habdec is intended for integration into bigger app, probably based on OpenStreetmap and running on portable RaspberryPI or OdroidXU4. Right now you can run it on headless board and control from your mobile.

Getting habdec

To get habdec you can download precompiled exec or build it from source.

Getting Binary:

  • Install SoapySDR binaries from here
  • Download habdec executable for your platform from here

There's also raspberryPi 3 image with ready to use binary and build env. Go to Wiki

Building from source:

To build habdec you need a C++11 compiler and CMake version 3.8.2 You also need to build or install some dependencies:

Instructions how to build habdec and it's dependencies are described in


habdecWebsocketServer.exe --help

Command Line Interface options:
  --config arg              Last run config file. Autosaved on every
                            successful decode.

CLI opts:
  --help                    Display help message
  --device arg              SDR Device Number. -1 to list
  --sampling_rate arg (=0)  Sampling Rate, as supported by device
  --no_exit arg             Constantly retry on missing device instead of exit.
  --port arg                Command Port, example: --port
  --station arg             HABHUB station callsign
  --latlon arg              station GPS location (decimal)
  --alt arg                 station altitude in meters
  --freq arg                frequency in MHz
  --ppm arg                 frequency correction in PPM
  --gain arg                gain
  --print arg               live print received chars, values: 0, 1
  --rtty arg                rtty: baud bits stops, example: --rtty 300 8 2
  --biast arg               biasT, values: 0, 1
  --bias_t arg              biasT, values: 0, 1
  --afc arg                 Auto Frequency Correction, values: 0, 1
  --usb_pack arg            AirSpy USB bit packing
  --dc_remove arg           DC remove
  --dec arg                 decimation: 2^dec, range: 0-8
  --lowpass arg             lowpass bandwidth in Hertz
  --lp_trans arg            lowpass transition width. (0-1)
  --sentence_cmd arg        Call external command with sentence as parameter
  --flights [=arg(=0)]      List Habitat flights
  --payload arg             Configure for Payload ID


Print available devices

habdecWebsocketServer.exe --device -1

Reading config from file ./habdecWebsocketServer.opts
Current options:
        device: -1
        sampling_rate: 2.048e+06
        command_port: 5,555
        station: habdec
        freq: 4.3435e+08
        gain: 15
        live_print: 1
        baud: 300
        rtty_ascii_bits: 8
        rtty_ascii_stops: 2
        biast: 0
Found Rafael Micro R820T tuner
[INFO] [UHD] Win32; Microsoft Visual C++ version 14.0; Boost_106700; UHD_3.13.0.2-1-g78745bda

Available devices:
        device_id 0
        driver airspy
        label AIRSPY [440464c8:39627b4f]
        serial 440464c8:39627b4f
        Sampling Rates:

        available Yes
        driver rtlsdr
        label Generic RTL2832U OEM :: 00000001
        manufacturer Realtek
        product RTL2838UHIDIR
        rtl 0
        serial 00000001
        tuner Rafael Micro R820T
Found Rafael Micro R820T tuner
        Sampling Rates:

No SDR device specified. Select one by specifying it's NUMBER
Failed Device Setup. EXIT.

Run with AirSpy

habdecWebsocketServer.exe --device 0 --sampling_rate 2.5e6

Specify websocket address and port

habdecWebsocketServer.exe --device 0 --sampling_rate 2.5e6 -port

Some more options

habdecWebsocketServer.exe   --device 0 --sampling_rate 2.5e6
                            --port --station Fred
                            --rtty 300 8 2
                            --print 1
                            --freq 434.5 --gain 20 --biast 1 --afc 1

Load configuration for specific Habitat Payload

./habdecWebsocketServer --flights
Habitat Flights:
Flight: Belice-3 6d8281c7b6e54c0c9f2488c77d043f8a
	lat/lon: 49.7665 14.4731
Payload: DNA-3 289b03bf7a92e06cff8ab4fec1f789bd
	RS41-1 Belice 10/11/2018 St. Martin's day
	Flight ID: 6d8281c7b6e54c0c9f2488c77d043f8a
	freq 434,250,000
	baud/ascii/stops 50 7 2

./habdecWebsocketServer --payload 289b03bf7a92e06cff8ab4fec1f789bd
Loading parameters for payload 289b03bf7a92e06cff8ab4fec1f789bd
	baud: 50
	ascii_bits: 7
	ascii_stops: 2
	frequency: 434,250,000

Web Client

To control habdec parameters from your browser:

  • start browser
  • open habitat/code/webClient/index.html file from disk
  • set server field ip:port and Connect

Do not try connecting directly to http://ip:port - habdec is not an HTTP server and you will see this error:

The WebSocket handshake Connection field is missing the upgrade token

Known Limitations

  • RTTY Modes NOT supported: 5bit baudot, 1.5 bit stop
  • SSDV is not supported
  • Decoding will stop if decimation setting is too low or too high. It was tested to work with stream around 40kHz bandwidth.
  • Automatic Frequency Correction needs more work. Use consciously. dc_remove=on can help if AFC is confused by center spike.
  • Connecting from browser is not very reliable yet, sometimes you need to refresh and wait.
  • habdec was developed and tested with AirSpy and OdroidXU4. Support for windows and RtlSdr is less tested.

Reporting Problems

Use bugtracker, please.


Gladly accepted :)


  • Michał Frątczak - parts of code from - GQRX


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License

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