Some sample IPython notebooks for scikit-learn
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Attention WIP keras AM Nov 14, 2015
Overfitting wip Sep 20, 2016
Reinforcement Learning Add youtube link Jan 31, 2016
dask wip dask experiments Jul 30, 2017
fmri_vae wip Mar 27, 2018
generalization Snapshot experimental pytorch code Jan 11, 2018
gmm Update demo to work with latest pandas version Aug 25, 2017
gradients snapshot WIP Jun 14, 2016
letor_cluster Grid search on Letor dataset by MSLR Feb 7, 2014
representations WIP Aug 6, 2015
screenshots Better with screenshots Oct 12, 2011
sklearn_demos Add column transformer Jun 8, 2018
.gitignore WIP BOLD autoencoder Mar 27, 2018
Adjusted Variable Importances with Randomized Trees.ipynb Compare to univariate feature selection Dec 26, 2013
Bootstrap.ipynb WIP lambdamart on full data Mar 12, 2014
Clustering Model Selection.ipynb Other work in progress notebooks Jun 12, 2013
Data Preprocessing for the Learning to Rank example.ipynb cleanup Nov 6, 2013
Distributed Aggregate and Join.ipynb playing with merge sort and hash joins / aggregates Jun 20, 2013
Distributed Learning of Extra Trees with IPython.parallel.ipynb cosmit Oct 24, 2013
Explained variances.ipynb Explained variance ratio bug report Dec 13, 2013
Function Approximation.ipynb snapshot function approximation experiments Feb 19, 2017
GP overfitting.ipynb GP overfitting Mar 1, 2016
Gradient.ipynb Partial vectorization of adasign Sep 23, 2014
Labeled Faces in the Wild recognition.ipynb Adjust the figsizes Jun 12, 2013
Learning to Rank.ipynb RF on full dataset Feb 12, 2014
MNIST8M Chunking and Upload to Cloud Blob Storage.ipynb More work on MNIST8M example Sep 18, 2013
Non IID cross-validation.ipynb wording / typo / missing link Aug 20, 2013
Numa-aware computation experiments.ipynb Numbers from the largest instance on EC2 Sep 3, 2013
Numba Parakeet Cython.ipynb Benchmarking numba and parakeet Jul 3, 2013
Numpy intro.ipynb Include outputs for preview Nov 5, 2013
Parameter search for Extra Trees on the MNIST classificationt task.ipynb More extensive parameter search Sep 20, 2013
Patch-Based Feature Extraction for Image Classification.ipynb ZCA whitening of patches Jul 3, 2013 add binder tag Nov 14, 2015
SGD stuff.ipynb Poorsman ASGD experiment Dec 13, 2013
Saddle Point LBFGS.ipynb saddle point Dec 23, 2014
Semi-supervised Extra Trees.ipynb WIP Semi supervised trees Jan 31, 2014
Text Classification.ipynb Other work in progress notebooks Jun 12, 2013
Time Series.ipynb Variable importance with completely randomized trees Sep 11, 2013
Variable Importance with Completely Randomized Trees.ipynb Experiment with enriching the dataset with more samples and bernoulli… Sep 12, 2013
cloudstorage.ini.example Use Apache Libcloud to store chunk mnist8m data Sep 16, 2013
environment.yml minimalistic conda env spec Nov 14, 2015
nmf_topics.ipynb some notebooks with scikit-learn Oct 12, 2011
structure_digits.ipynb unsupervised model selection is not implemented here since too CPU co… Oct 12, 2011 Install py-numa by default Sep 3, 2013

ogrisel's notebook

This is a bunch of IPython notebooks documents with mostly unfinished ML related experiments.

Some of them can be executed in a basic numpy / scipy / pandas / matplotlib / scikit-learn environment for instance using: