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Data and code repository for the project Policy Priority Inference for Sustainable Development
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.DS_Store Update Aug 30, 2019

Policy Priority Inference for Sustainable Development (PPI4SD)

This is the public repository for the code and data of the project: Policy Priority Inference for Sustainable Development (PPI4SD). The project stems from the research program: Policy Priority Inference, developed at The Alan Turing Institute by Omar Guerrero and Gonzalo Castañeda. PPI4SD has been sponsored by the United Nations Development Program for Latin-America and the Caribbean, and has been developed in collaboration with the Mexican National Laboratory for Public Policy.

In this repository you will find the necessary data and code to replicate the analysis presented in the different reports produced by PPI4SD. The different pages in this Wiki provide all the necessary references to the official documentation from which the data were constructed. Likewise, here you will find all the code and documentation required to analyze the data through the project's methodology. Should you have any further inquiries please contact Omar Guerrero at

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