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A playground to learn regular expressions with Swift
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A playground to learn regular expressions with Swift. We developers obviously know that it's not an easy work to use Regular Expressions. This is my challenge, I would like to add a new and efficient tool to my skills.


Before I started, checked some documents also with a few tutorials and decided to go away with this repository. So, lots of examples and descriptions are excerpted from repo.

This repository contains a playground project that builds with Xcode 9 and Swift 4.


  • How to use RegEx with Swift #
  • A RegEx wrapper class to handle crowd#
  • Meta Characters with examples #
  • Quantifiers with examples #
  • Shorthand sets #
  • Flags #
  • And some common examples like email, html tag etc. #

Useful Links


  • Better wrapper class, maybe an extension for String
  • More common examples
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