dead simple, tiny but powerful Go ORM
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Vivom Build Status

dead simple, tiny, but powerful Go ORM library


Implicitly implement the vivom's interfaces as necessary.

type Subscriber struct {
	ID        int
	Name      string
	Email     string
	DateAdded string

func (s *Subscriber) GetID() int {
	return s.ID

func (s *Subscriber) SetID(ID int) {
	s.ID = ID

func (s *Subscriber) Validate() error {
	if s.Name == "" {
		return errors.New("empty name")

	if s.Email == "" {
		return errors.New("invalid email")

	return nil

func (s *Subscriber) Table() string {
	return "subscribers"

func (s *Subscriber) Columns() []string {
	return []string{"id", "name", "email", "date_added"}

func (s *Subscriber) Values() []interface{} {
	return []interface{}{s.Name, s.Email, time.Now().Unix()}

func (s *Subscriber) ScanValues() []interface{} {
	return []interface{}{&s.ID, &s.Name, &s.Email, &t.DateAdded}

Import the vivom package

import ""

Now access your records easily using vivom's db functions.

subscriber := &Subscriber{}
err := vivom.Select(subscriber, 23152, db)
if err != nil {

fmt.Println("Subscriber #"+subscriber.ID+" is "+subscriber.Name)

You can also insert new records to the database

subscriber := &Subsriber{Name: "John Doe", Email: ""}
err := vivom.Insert(subscriber, db)
if err != nil {

fmt.Println("ID of the new subscriber is "+subscriber.ID)

For managing multiple database records, your struct should also implement vivom.TableRows interface.



The MIT License (MIT)