Simple distributed blockchain experiment written in Ruby
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Proof of concept distributed blockchain written in ruby.

Install rubygems

$ bundle

Start the first node

$ bundle exec ruby main.rb
Solved: 000008d0b97a697d303f46c7835ffdad23c78574df158169906aaf873e4906e7 1
Server started at http://localhost:4253
Solved: 00000d6d022947c5aba6308e802052a305eabdc7efb97f7ca275c6ef0e48fd70 2
Solved: 00000c289256068a869fc1a45d9381e609215928179123214c01a031423ff36e 3
Solved: 000000834d2d178965a668660dc5cec6e3a16498d928b899c3f3cbb17ebbca82 4
Node connected: http://localhost:4869
Received: 00000d3e95f7e557ffeefaa849c2c72e516a3971db409e37ebc9880e26eaef51 5

Start additional nodes

$ bundle exec ruby main.rb ANOTHER_NODE_IP
Connecting to node: http://localhost:4253
Downloaded 000008d0b97a697d303f46c7835ffdad23c78574df158169906aaf873e4906e7 1
Downloaded 00000d6d022947c5aba6308e802052a305eabdc7efb97f7ca275c6ef0e48fd70 2
Downloaded 00000c289256068a869fc1a45d9381e609215928179123214c01a031423ff36e 3
Downloaded 000000834d2d178965a668660dc5cec6e3a16498d928b899c3f3cbb17ebbca82 4
Finished downloading the chain
Solved: 00000d3e95f7e557ffeefaa849c2c72e516a3971db409e37ebc9880e26eaef51 5

Implementation TODO

  • Clean up code
  • Don't use global variables: $blockchain, $network, $port
  • Create a rubygem
  • Disable Puma's startup message

Protocol TODO

  • Dump/load blockchain to/from a file when starting/exiting the process
  • Make difficulty dynamic with the hash rate
  • Specify a model for data
  • Share list of connected nodes with other nodes