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Browse web socially!

This app lets you to have instant chat with people that are browsing the same page with you.

  • Reading an article ? Discuss it with others reading it at the same time
  • Someone is browsing your Facebook page ? Say hi to them :)
  • Watching a video ? Talk about it with others.
  • Do you own a website ? Ask your visitors about the experience (SocialWeb for web developers will come some time in the future)

Run SocialWeb

This application is built with Meteor.JS so you should have Meteor installed. Then, run the following command:

$ meteor

If you are having trouble running the app, click here for more information.

Run Tests

The tests run on a testing framework for Meteor called Laika. You have to complete the setup of Laika. You can find the introductions here.

In order to run tests, you should have have typed the following command and started a MongoDB server.

$ meteor

Open a new tab in your terminal window on the same directory, and type the following command to start a new MongoDB server:

$ mongod

If you have a permission issue, you can make it a sudo:

$ sudo mongod

Then, open a new terminal tab again on the same directory. Type:

$ laika

Then the test cases and suites will run.


Chat with people that views the same page






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