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Webpack 5 Module Federation with React/Typescript


This project consist of three pieces, a host app container and two remotes app1 app2.


  • app1 expose CounterAppOne component.
  • app2 expose CounterAppTwo header component.
  • container import CounterAppOne and CounterAppTwo component.

Running Demo

In order to run the demo I highly recommend installing lerna globally via

npm i -g lerna


lerna bootstrap

Run the command above at the root of your project. This command will make sure you have dependencies you need in order to run this project.


npm run start

Lerna will start all your projects parallelly and open your browser.


App Screenshot

Tech Stack

React, Typescript, Chakra UI, Webpack, Lerna, React Router V6


If you are curious about building this template head over to Introduction to Micro Frontends with Module Federation, React and Typescript


If you have any feedback, please reach out to me or feel free to open up a issue.