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Wrapper for daemon functionality of Emacs.
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Emacs Plugin

This plugin replicates the functionality of the emacs plugin for oh-my-zsh. It is essentially a wrapper around the very useful emacs daemon capability.

Below is an extract from the original plugin source file:

"Emacs 23 daemon capability is a killing feature. One emacs process handles all your frames whether you use a frame opened in a terminal via a ssh connection or X frames opened on the same host. Benefits are multiple

  • You don't have the cost of starting Emacs all the time anymore
  • Opening a file is as fast as Emacs does not have anything else to do.
  • You can share opened buffered across opened frames.
  • Configuration changes made at runtime are applied to all frames."


To use this plugin, install it as:

omf install emacs


Emacs 23 or later is required for this plugin.

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