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Manis Hugo Theme

It's a minimalist and responsive theme for Hugo Static Site Generator. It's name taken from Indonesian Language for Sweet.

Manis' Homepage view


Like I said, it's really minimal. Its doesn't even have grid or anything nice like that.

  • Configurable color!
  • Code Highlighting (HighlightJS).
  • Responsive.
  • Social Icon Links.
  • No Grid no worry.
  • Disqus Support.
  • Translatable.

Manis' Colorful scheme


To install Manis, you can clone this repository. The following command will clone Manis in your site's base directory.

cd path/to/site/dir
git clone https://github.com/yursan9/manis-hugo-theme themes/manis


For configuration example you can look at the exampleSite/config.toml (and copy that too!). I put some commentary to, hopefully, guide you at using this theme.

Disqus Configuration

To add Disqus support, edit your site config.toml. Add your discus' shortname to disqusShortname and add list of sections that you want to support disqus to params.disqusSections:

disqusShortname = "your-disqus-shortname"

	disqusSections = ["blog"]

Making Own Navigation Bar

Top navigation bar in Manis is made automatically by making new section/_index.md. Example if you want to add/remove navigation items, you can do the following command:

hugo new {Section Name}/_index.md

And make sure the front matter is formatted like this:

title = "Get To Know Me"
menu = "main"

title will be the string that is shown in navigation bar and the page's title (the title doesn't need to be the same as section's name). menu = "main" is the one who make Hugo know how identify it's need to add a new item in navigation bar.

Other Language

Manis already translated to Bahasa Indonesia. But, if you want to translate this theme to your own language, look for the example in i18n/en.yaml and i18n/in.yaml.

And then you edit the site's config.toml like this.

defaultContentLanguage = "en"
[languages.{Your Language Code}]
    lang = "{Your Language Code}"
    languageName = "{Your Language Name. example; Bahasa Indonesia or Japanese}"
    weight = 1


If you found bug, or anything that itch you. Tell me! or maybe make PR.


Manis is licensed under the MIT License. Check the LICENSE file for details.