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-*- outline -*-
* Version 0.0.4 (released 2010-01-11)
** New icon in the SVG format.
** Fix mouse operation on the tool-bar.
** Compatility fix for older IBus versions.
Run-time check for new IBus features are added, such as candidate
panel orientation handling.
Thanks Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA for providing a test case.
* Version 0.0.3 (released 2009-12-31)
** Shortcut key to move over pages of the candidate window.
Up/Down (if the orientation is landscape) are assigned to move over
pages rather than candidates. x/space behave similarly after the
first 4 candidates are seen.
** Show annotations on the auxilary text area.
** Start conversion automatically when some punctuation characters are typed.
Thanks iws <> for the initial implementation.
** RPM spec file is included in the distribution.
Contributed by Jens Petersen <>.
** Support for encodings other than EUC-JP for the user dictionary.
The encoding of the user dictionary is determined by an Emacs-like
coding cookie (something like ";;; -*- coding: utf-8 -*-").
** Elisp candidates evaluation.
IBus-SKK calls emacsclient to evaluate elisp candidates (such as
"(current-time-string)" for "now") with the help of external Emacs
* Version 0.0.2 (released 2009-12-23)
** Keyword completion with TAB key.
** `delete-char' behavior fix.
Thanks Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA for providing a test case.
* Version 0.0.1 (released 2009-12-04)
** Initial release.
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