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Commits on Nov 28, 2014
  1. @eLobato @lzap

    Fixes #8499 - Link LICENSE from README

    eLobato authored lzap committed
  2. @shlomizadok @eLobato

    fixes #8356 - refactor reset method for libvirt

    shlomizadok authored eLobato committed
  3. @orrabin @eLobato

    Fixes #8428 - Connecting audits to existing users

    orrabin authored eLobato committed
  4. @shlomizadok @eLobato

    fixes #8459 - remove sp_subnet_id from api/hosts

    shlomizadok authored eLobato committed
  5. @eLobato

    fixes #8467 - trends range selector is now visible

    authored eLobato committed
  6. @domcleal @eLobato

    fixes #7487 - remove unused background-image containing UTF-8 character

    domcleal authored eLobato committed
    UTF-8 was causing BOMs to appear in the precompiled CSS, which then prevented
    these styles being applied, so bullet points appeared on the dashboard.
Commits on Nov 27, 2014
  1. @domcleal @eLobato

    fixes #8527 - pin rest-client to version compatible with current rbovirt

    domcleal authored eLobato committed
    Pin rbovirt a bit in preparation for a jump in versions.
  2. @tbrisker @eLobato

    Fixes #5723 - Show host groups inherited via config groups in puppetc…

    tbrisker authored eLobato committed
    …lass index
Commits on Nov 26, 2014
  1. @domcleal @eLobato

    fixes #8463 - remove i18n bundler group as it isn't optional

    domcleal authored eLobato committed
    fast_gettext/gettext_i18n_rails are both runtime dependencies, not optional.
    gettext_i18n_rails_js moved to assets as it provides no runtime functionality.
  2. @tbrisker @eLobato

    Fixes #8414 - extracts validators from models

    tbrisker authored eLobato committed
    Also cleans up some unused validators looking for trailing whitespace
    that is stripped by the StripWhitespaces concern.
    Tried to make some sense from unmatching regexps and validation error
    messages. Some validations might need a different regexp to check for what
    they are actually supposed to validate - but atleast now messages fit
    the actual validation.
  3. @shlomizadok @eLobato

    fixes #8367 - Eager load classes under /lib

    shlomizadok authored eLobato committed
  4. @domcleal @eLobato

    fixes #8510 - ignore gettext load failures in production without it

    domcleal authored eLobato committed
    gettext is only used when loading gettext_i18n_rails 1.x rake tasks, so it's
    only marked as a development dependency.  In production we won't have it, but
    still ship this .rake file, so permit loading to fail.
  5. @shlomizadok @domcleal

    fixes #8357 - Set fog gem to version 1.25.0

    shlomizadok authored domcleal committed
Commits on Nov 25, 2014
  1. @lzap @eLobato

    Fixes #7525 - don't fail on structured facts

    lzap authored eLobato committed
  2. @shlomizadok @domcleal
  3. @tbrisker @eLobato

    Fixes #6872 - Add title to new compute resource page

    tbrisker authored eLobato committed
Commits on Nov 24, 2014
  1. @isratrade

    fixes #8445 - upgrade rails to 3.2.21

    isratrade authored committed
  2. @tbrisker @eLobato

    Fixes #7440 - correctly autocomplete current_user

    tbrisker authored eLobato committed
  3. @tbrisker @eLobato

    Fixes #6765 - correct wrong validation on media name

    tbrisker authored eLobato committed
    Regex used for validation was wrong, raising error on multiple white spaces instead of on trailing white space.
    Trailing white space is stripped anyways by StripWhitespace concern before validation.
    Original bug was concerning " " passing validation. However, that is not a single white space but rather quotes with a
    space between them; while not useful, it is a valid name. (The quotes are escaped in the db)
  4. @eLobato

    fixes #8457 - auto complete search clear btn is now positioned correctly

    authored eLobato committed
    in non index pages which uses auto complete (e.g. filters) the clear
    button was not inside the input field.
  5. @ares @domcleal

    Fixes #8456 - normalize addresses only if mac is being set

    ares authored domcleal committed
Commits on Nov 20, 2014
  1. @ares

    Fixes #7908 - normalize mac before host get saved

    ares authored committed
    For some reason we save host without running valdiations when we import
    attributes from facts. Therefore we have to take care of mac
    normalization by ourselves. We have to normalize it just after setting
    new value because save can occure anytime.
  2. @GregSutcliffe @ares
Commits on Nov 19, 2014
  1. @eLobato @lzap

    Refs #3809 - Remove useless assignments

    eLobato authored lzap committed
Commits on Nov 18, 2014
  1. @eLobato @lzap

    Fixes #8425 - n+1 query on audits index

    eLobato authored lzap committed
    Audits index include users who performed actions, and these are being
    called with n+1 queries. Fix should be as simple as providing the
    users through the controller with an includes.
  2. @eLobato @lzap

    Fixes #4613 - Remove duplicate scoped search from taxonomies

    eLobato authored lzap committed
Commits on Nov 17, 2014
  1. @eLobato

    Fixes #8424 - Controller concerns are loaded twice

    eLobato authored
    config/application.rb, we are adding the controller concerns twice
    folder to autoload_paths
  2. @orrabin @eLobato

    Fixes #5573 - os search definitions for host available in unattended=…

    orrabin authored eLobato committed
    …false mode
  3. @orrabin @eLobato

    Fixes #8418 - Add 'facts' feature to features

    orrabin authored eLobato committed
  4. @orrabin @eLobato

    Fixes #5169 - Error in smart class param or value cause tab header to…

    orrabin authored eLobato committed
    … turn red in Puppet Class edit form
  5. @shlomizadok @eLobato

    fixes #8363 - Sort VMware attributes alphabetically

    shlomizadok authored eLobato committed
  6. @tbrisker @eLobato

    Fixes #3288 - i18n extract heading on new host view

    tbrisker authored eLobato committed
  7. @stbenjam @eLobato

    fixes #5634 - save sso_method on session expiry

    stbenjam authored eLobato committed
Commits on Nov 14, 2014
  1. @sseago @ares

    fixes #8377 - fixes uniq validation for nics without a host

    sseago authored ares committed
    This commit considers a nil host reference equivalent to a non-conflicting
    one for the purposes of uniq_with_hosts validation.
  2. @shlomizadok @eLobato
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