Automates plotting for BURST coin
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NEW VERSION 0.6: POC2 Support

Automates plotting for BURST coin


  • POC2(*)
  • Very easy plot configuration, based on simple question dialog
    • No nonce calculation necessary (setup based on disk space)
    • Splits large plots in smaller plot files
  • CLI-based UI with progress indicators, ETA, etc
  • Creates optimized plots (XPlotter)
  • Support for SSE, AVX, and AVX2 (recently optimized version)
  • Move single plots to target drive
    • Allows plotting on fast drives (SSD), and/or computer
  • Caches relevant information, like last written nonces, and Account ID
  • Allows CPU and RAM selection (in enhanced mode)
  • Notification while plotting
    • Email notification
    • Telegram Push Notification
  • Logging into Loggly (Feature for me!)

IMPORTANT: With version 0.6 POC1 is discontinued due to upcoming hardfork

The plotter works only! on Windows (as platform specific executables are used internally)


Plot Automation?

Before you can start with BURST mining you need to prepare your hard drive. This process is called Plotting. While plotting your disks will be filled with so called nonces, kind of pre-calculated values, which will be read while mining. The creation of a plot is a quite time consuming process. Furthermore, you need to be sure that your plots won't overlap, that is nonce range won't overlap. The Autoplotter takes entirely care of this. You simply define the size and number of plots and the rest is done automatically. That way, plotting become very easy.


The Autoplotter is based on nodejs (>= Version 8.9 (LTS Carbon)), so - if not already installed - you need to install NodeJS first. Once installed simply call

npm i -g burst-autoplotter

Afterwards, you just need to call autoplot in the console.

You need to run as administrator

Command Line Commands

The application supports several commands for different purposes, from version, help, to setting up notifications.

Common Options

At all time you may use the following options:

option alias description Example
version v Shows current version autoplot --version
help h Shows help for current command autoplot setup -h
cache c Defines the name of the cache file autoplot -c "c:\myfiles\autoplot-config.js"

The default cache file is stored in %AppData%/.autoplot-cache

Command run

This is the main command to run the plotter. run is the default command, such that autoplot run and autoplot do the same.

run Options

option alias description Example
extended e Runs the plotter in extended mode autoplot run -e

Extended Mode

The extended mode allows you to set further settings like thread number and memory usage for plotting.

Command setup

The setup command allows to execute additional setups, like configuring email transport, or Telegram push notification There are no other options, than the common functions, but following sub-commands are possible:

command description Example
mail Runs email configuration autoplot setup mail
telegram Runs Telegram configuration autoplot setup telegram

If configured correctly, you'll receive a success notification. Of course, it's possible to receive as email and push notification.

Notes on email notification setup for Gmail

gmail less secure

Per default, Google considers authentication using login and password as not sufficient to met todays security needs. You'll receive an email about a blocked sign in then, when trying to use Gmail as your mail transporter. In that case, you need to configure your Gmail Account to allow less secure apps.

How Telegram Push Notification works

The Autoplotter uses the Middleman-Bot for delivering notification. You just need to add the bot in your Telegram messenger, and you'll receive a token (e.g. 2a3137d2-2d6a-4e4d-985a-df0d278426b0) that you need to enter while setup.


This tool uses SPlotter - an XPlotter fork

Thanks to

  • Blago, Cerr Janro, and DCCT for their XPlotter
  • Hypsy for SPlotter
  • JohnnyFFM for support