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// PBGitCommitController.h
// GitX
// Created by Pieter de Bie on 19-09-08.
// Copyright 2008 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import "PBViewController.h"
@class PBIconAndTextCell;
@interface PBGitCommitController : PBViewController {
NSMutableArray *files;
IBOutlet NSTextView *commitMessageView;
IBOutlet NSArrayController *unstagedFilesController;
IBOutlet NSArrayController *cachedFilesController;
IBOutlet id indexController;
IBOutlet id webController;
NSString *status;
// We use busy as a count of active processes.
// You can increase it when your process start
// And decrease it after you have finished.
int busy;
BOOL amend;
@property (retain) NSMutableArray *files;
@property (copy) NSString *status;
@property (assign) int busy;
@property (assign) BOOL amend;
- (void) readCachedFiles:(NSNotification *)notification;
- (void) readOtherFiles:(NSNotification *)notification;
- (void) readUnstagedFiles:(NSNotification *)notification;
- (void) stageHunk: (NSString *)hunk reverse:(BOOL)reverse;
- (NSString *)parentTree;
- (IBAction) refresh:(id) sender;
- (IBAction) commit:(id) sender;