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PostgreSQL plugin for Dokku



cd /var/lib/dokku/plugins
git clone psql
dokku plugins-install


$ dokku help
    psql:console     <app>                     Launch a postgresql console for a given app
    psql:env         <app>                     Get generated environment variables for <app>
    psql:url         <app>                     Get DATABASE_URL for <app>
    psql:create      <app>                     Create a Postgresql database
    psql:delete      <app>                     Delete specified Postgresql database
    psql:link        <app> <another_app>       Give environment variable of database of <app> to <another_app>
    psql:unlink      <another_app>             Unlink <another_app> to a database
    psql:dump_sql    <app> > <filename.sql>    Dump database to SQL format
    psql:restore_sql <app> < <filename.sql>    Restore database from SQL format
    psql:dump_tar    <app> > <filename.tar>    Dump database to tar format
    psql:restore_tar <app> < <filename.tar>    Restore database from tar format
    psql:admin_console                         Launch a postgresql console as admin user
    psql:restart                               Restart the Postgresql docker container and linked app
    psql:start                                 Start the Postgresql docker container if it isn't running
    psql:stop                                  Stop the Postgresql docker container
    psql:status                                Shows status of Postgresql
    psql:list                                  List all databases
    psql:update                                Update this plugin
    psql:migrate                               Migrate

Updating this plugin

Dokku doesn't handle plugin update. I made a pull request to dokku for that (

So, each time you update this plugin with git pull, you need to call:

$ dokku psql:migrate


This plugin adds following environment variables to your app automatically:



Start PostgreSQL:

$ dokku psql:start                 # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server psql:start      # Client side

Stop PostgreSQL:

$ dokku psql:stop                  # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server psql:stop       # Client side

Restart PostgreSQL:

$ dokku psql:restart               # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server psql:restart    # Client side

Create a new database:

$ dokku psql:create foo            # Server side
$ ssh dokku@server psql:create foo # Client side

Dump database to SQL:

$ dokku psql:dump_sql foo filename.sql # Server side

Restore database from SQL:

$ dokku psql:restore_sql foo filename.sql # Server side

Dump database to tar:

$ dokku psql:dump_tar foo filename.tar # Server side

Restore database from tar:

$ dokku psql:restore_tar foo filename.tar # Server side

Copy database foo to database bar using pipe:

$ dokku psql:dump foo | dokku psql:restore bar # Server side


You can link a database to an application :

  • Create database:
$ dokku psql:create foo
  • Push another_app to dokku and link it to foo with:
$ dokku psql:link foo another_app
  • Environment variables for database foo will be available in another_app


$ dokku psql:unlink another_app # Server side