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Schedule and resources from the OHBM Open Science Room: Rome 2019
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Open Science Room 2019

Schedule and resources from the OHBM Open Science Room: Rome 2019

The official Twitter hashtag set of the Open Science Room for 2019 is #OHBM2019 #OSR. Use it to coordinate events, meetings and discussions!


Scroll down to see details of the Oral sessions and demos, Lightning talks and Scheduled meetings in the Open Science Room.

Click here to download a better resolution PDF of the schedule.

Oral sessions and demos

20 minutes + 5 minutes of questions (3 per session)

1. Open science in policies and regulations

Monday 17:15-18:30

How are journals, granting agencies, and consortia working alongside the open science movement? This session will explore recently introduced policy changes from each of these groups, focusing on their motivations and the potential impact on the academic ecosystem.

2. From statistical to biological validity

Tuesday 10:30-11:45

The statistical significance, reproducibility, and replicability of results does not necessarily make them biologically meaningful. Current efforts towards reproducible and statistically reliable results, therefore, need to expand to also assess the biological validity of findings. This session will focus on efforts to address the biological validity of neuroimaging results, with particular emphasis on how this can be done in an open and transparent fashion.

3. Demo: New advances in open neuroimaging methods

Wednesday 10:30-11:45

In this session, the speakers will present recently developed open source methods on a variety of topics. They will walk you through a short hands-on demo with their toolbox on real data in real-time.

4. Web-based solutions in neuroscience

Thursday 10:30-11:45

Although the web has transformed our commerce, communication, and media consumption; its impacts are not yet fully realized in neuroimaging research. This session will explore the potential of web applications for solving neuroscientific problems.

Lightning talks

5 minutes + 5 minutes of questions (6 per session)

1. Neuroscience toolkit

Tuesday 13:45-14:45

Although the field is still grappling with big questions of reproducibility and replicability, practical questions such as “how do I best plot by results”, or “how do I get my data in a format to use this new toolbox” still present the largest source of concern for many neuroscientists. This session will feature six lightning talks that discuss open source hands-on solutions for everyday real-world problems.

2. Machine learning in neuroscience

Wednesday 12:45-13:45

Machine learning is on the rise everywhere, also in neuroscience. In this session, we will discuss how to perform novel statistical methods and machine learning methods on neuroscientific data with openly available software.

Note: this session replaces the 'multi-modal neuroscience' session, as there was a far greater demand for machine learning. This update was made after the program booklet had gone to press, so the booklet and the app have not been updated accordingly.

3. Collaborative research and team science

Thursday 12:45-13:45

From cross-lab collaborations to collaboration in big consortia, working collaboratively can provide a lot of benefits to science and to scientists. Yet it may also introduce new challenges in terms of communication, data analysis, and authorship. This session will explore the benefits of collaboration and ways to overcome the challenges.

Scheduled meetings in the Open Science Room

The OSR will also be open to scheduled conversations and discussions about various topics of open science outside. You can submit requests via a GitHub issue in this repository. The calendar is available here

Open Science, Open Discussion

Tuesday 13:45-14:45

We want to have a discussion about the greatest challenges to practicing Open Science. What are your biggest roadblocks and hurdles? We would like to hear from you in an interactive discussion. We would especially like to hear from early career researchers and newcomers to open science to inform our plans for further training opportunities and activities.

Open Science Wrap-up: Gelato Party

Thursday 13:45-14:45

To wrap up, we're gonna find the nearest gelateria and the first 50 Gelati are on us! Ice Cream for Open Science!


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