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fastCCD_v1.0 is Released by Suejung Huh ( Ohhh! Inc. ) 
and Young-ju Lee (Texas State Univ), Apr 2015.

< How to Use >

For the usage sample, please refer main() in main.cpp.
The current implementation is only for FACE-VERTEX collisions.

< Makefile Options >


This is to make fastCCD to handle rounding error.
We recommend to turn this option on.


This is to ignore even-number collisions. Mainly used
to benchmark with exactCCD.
We recommend to turn this option off.


This reports the detailed messages of each computation step.

< Detailed Information >

1) False Negatives

False Negatives are the cases where CCD reports no collision
for the collision case.
We have not withnessed any false negatives so far in fastCCD.
If found, please let us know

2) Time of Contacts

fastCCD generally reports the actual collision time when a 
collision is found. However at times, when a collision found,
the actual collision time may not be correct 
due to rounding error. However even such case,
fastCCD still detect the collision.

3) Number of Contacts

In some special cases, given a found collision,
the possibility of having the other collisions
are ignored and only the original found collision is reported.
This was our implementation choice, which can be modified based on 
the need of user application. Note this is not a false negative.


fastCCD is implemented by Suejung Huh 
to test the practicality of the idea proposed in the paper [Reference1].

Huh, S. and Lee, Y. J., and Gornowicz, G., and Henderson, R.  
Fast and robust continuous collision detection (fastCCD).  
DreamWorks Animation Technical Memo 2014-320. 2014.
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