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Dodge [v1.1.0]

A downloadable Kirby-based evasion game. This is written in Java and was originally part of TripleT. However, due to the lengthy development process that awaits TripleT before the release of a finished version, TripleT's developers made the executive decision to release Dodge as a standalone demo.

Table of Contents


Note: you may need to adjust your security settings to play this game. On OS X, this can be done from the General tab in System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

You can download Dodge as an executable JAR file by clicking one of the download links below. Once the download is complete, the game can be run simply by double-clicking on Dodge.jar in the filesystem.


The rules of the game are simple: dodge ghosts (formally known as Tedhauns) and collect as many treasure chests as you can before the ghosts/Tedhauns overwhelm you! However, the more treasure you collect, the more ghosts you will attract. Therefore, as the game progresses you will find it harder and harder to survive.

However, you do have one thing on your side: power-ups. With the press of a button, you can transform into Star Kirby, who emits the white-hot passion of a thousand burning suns! This passion is too much for the ghosts: if Star Kirby comes into contact with them, they will vanish and go off to haunt some other poor soul. Nevertheless, stars do not last forever... and since Kirby is a much smaller (and brighter) star than most, his supply of hydrogen fuel will run out especially quickly. When this happens, Kirby will revert to his normal form and life will continue.

Here's a visual of Dodge gameplay: alt text


This game is controlled entirely by the keyboard; menu navigation is tied primarily to the arrow keys and ENTER. Default controls are as follows:

  • Left (move, switch menu options): the left arrow key
  • Right (move, switch menu options): the right arrow key
  • Up (move, switch menu options): the up arrow key
  • Down (move, switch menu options): the down arrow key
  • Power up (in-game): A
  • Pause (in-game): SHIFT
  • Select a menu option: ENTER
  • Go back: DELETE

Instructions for customizing controls:

  1. Start the program.
  2. On the main menu, select the "controls" option and hit your pause/select button (if that doesn't work, hit ENTER).
  3. You will be taken to the controls menu. Use the up and down controls to switch between options; when you arrive at the control that you want to customize, press whichever key is currently mapped to pause/select (or, alternatively, ENTER). The key to the right should turn into a set of ellipses ("...").
  4. Hit the key that you'd prefer to be associated with that control (ex. if "LEFT" is highlighted and you want to move left with the left arrow key, then press the left arrow key). The box on the right should reflect your change. (Note: this game does not allow duplicate controls. If you select a key that is currently mapped to another action, then you will be forced to choose a new key for that other control.)
  5. Continue in this way until you are satisfied with your control setup. Then hit ESC to return to the main menu.


The current version of the game includes customizable controls and a high score element, both of which are automatically saved. This program also features original music (Adrift) composed by Randy Shi, aka Balderdact.


This game is distributed under the terms of the MIT License.


  • Owen Jow - Development, Graphic Design
  • William Jow - Graphics & Aesthetics
  • Randy Shi [Balderdact] - Music Composition


Downloadable Kirby-based evasion game, formatted as a Swing applet







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