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hacker-headlines [v2.0.0]

...but maybe not the news you need.

Hacker Headlines is a Chrome extension that periodically checks Hacker News for the latest and greatest updates on the world of computer science. If it finds something that readers have deemed acceptably newsworthy, a notification containing the headline and link will be displayed in the corner of your browser window.

That means you don't need to spend every other minute checking the site for distractions.1 And in the meantime, you can learn new things without even trying. Isn't that great?

Update [8/10/15]: This extension is now available for download in the Chrome Web Store! Here is a link to the listing.

For the visually inclined

Here's a screenshot of Hacker Headlines in action: alt text

And here's a screenshot of the Extensions page, just in case anyone cares2: alt text

Installation instructions

IF YOU TOO want to know exactly when the hamburger menu doesn't work, then you can download this extension today! All you have to do is pay me $20 download all the files and load the extension into Chrome. Steps to do so are as follows:

Note: as of 8/10/15 you can also download the extension through the Web Store.

  1. Download all the files
    • Click "Download ZIP" in the sidebar, or execute git clone from the command line.
  2. Load the extension into Chrome
    • Go to Chrome and enter the chrome://extensions page (just type it into the address bar).
    • In the upper-right hand corner, mark the "Developer mode" checkbox.
    • Click "Load unpacked extension..." and choose the hacker-headlines folder that you just downloaded.
    • The extension icon should immediately appear in the top right corner of your browser.

To use Hacker Headlines, either click on the icon to get news immediately, or wait for the extension to notify you automatically every 20 minutes. When a notification appears, you can either click on it to visit the article, or hit the little X to close it.


1 Instead, the distractions will come to you (...but in a controlled setting!)
2 I can't think why anyone would, but who knows?


Chrome extension that will give you the news you deserve...







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