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This is a project to make a real time CAN packet monitoring system using Arduino and CAN BUS shield hardware. This makes a very affordable and reliable CAN packet monitor and injector.



  • Arduino UNO

  • CAN BUS Shield: Currently this project supports Can Bus Shield v1.1 product ( You can also purchase this from eBay.

  • Probably other products will work without modification or minor tweak. We will add support for other products as we have access to them

  • OBD-II to DB9 Cable: something similar to this

  • USB to PC Cable to program and transfer serial data to and from Arduino


How to Install

###Arudino Programming This program is for Windows that communicates with Arduino board through serial port. Probably you can use this code on Linux or OSX with minor changes.

  • Install dependencies and run
  • Now connect your Arduino device to your laptop.
  • Connect your OBD-II cable to your car
  • Select Arduino -> Start Capture menu. You need to select serial port that is connected to your Aruino and need to specify output database file.
  • If you didn't start your engine, now is the good time to start it, you will see various packets coming up
  • The database file format is SQLite and you can open it up later using File -> Open Log menu.