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Delete code since it is now maintained as part of Emacs.

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-This is ERT, a tool for automated testing in Emacs Lisp.
+This used to be ERT, a tool for automated testing in Emacs Lisp.
-In preparation for inclusion into Emacs, this repository is structured
-to match the layout of Emacs' source tree.
+ERT is now included in Emacs trunk; this repository is no longer
+maintained. To get ERT, either build Emacs from trunk, or grab
+the following files which represent the last state of ERT before
+its installation into Emacs:
-If you want to use ERT, all you need are the .el files in
-lisp/emacs-lisp; put them somewhere in your load-path and compile
-them. You can also run ert's self-tests by compiling & loading the
-.el files in test/automated and typing M-x ert RET RET.
-ERT's documentation is in doc/misc/ert.texi.
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Congrats! Great work!


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