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Peter Ohler
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module Oj
# A generic class that is used only for storing attributes. It is the base
# Class for auto-generated classes in the storage system. Instance variables
# are added using the instance_variable_set() method. All instance variables
# can be accessed using the variable name (without the @ prefix). No setters
# are provided as the Class is intended for reading only.
class Bag
# The initializer can take multiple arguments in the form of key values
# where the key is the variable name and the value is the variable
# value. This is intended for testing purposes only.
# @example => 42, :@y => 57)
# @param [Hash] args instance variable symbols and their values
def initialize(args={ })
args.each do |k,v|
self.instance_variable_set(k, v)
# Replaces the Object.respond_to?() method.
# @param [Symbol] m method symbol
# @return [Boolean] true for any method that matches an instance
# variable reader, otherwise false.
def respond_to?(m)
return true if super
at_m = ('@' + m.to_s).to_sym
# Handles requests for variable values. Others cause an Exception to be
# raised.
# @param [Symbol] m method symbol
# @return [Boolean] the value of the specified instance variable.
# @raise [ArgumentError] if an argument is given. Zero arguments expected.
# @raise [NoMethodError] if the instance variable is not defined.
def method_missing(m, *args, &block)
raise"wrong number of arguments (#{args.size} for 0) to method #{m}") unless args.nil? or args.empty?
at_m = ('@' + m.to_s).to_sym
raise"undefined method #{m}", m) unless instance_variable_defined?(at_m)
# Replaces eql?() with something more reasonable for this Class.
# @param [Object] other Object to compare self to
# @return [Boolean] true if each variable and value are the same, otherwise false.
def eql?(other)
return false if (other.nil? or self.class != other.class)
ova = other.instance_variables
iv = instance_variables
return false if ova.size != iv.size
iv.each do |vid|
return false if instance_variable_get(vid) != other.instance_variable_get(vid)
alias == eql?
# Define a new class based on the Oj::Bag class. This is used internally in
# the Oj module and is available to service wrappers that receive XML
# requests that include Objects of Classes not defined in the storage
# process.
# @param [String] classname Class name or symbol that includes Module names.
# @return [Object] an instance of the specified Class.
# @raise [NameError] if the classname is invalid.
def self.define_class(classname)
classname = classname.to_s unless classname.is_a?(String)
tokens = classname.split('::').map { |n| n.to_sym }
raise"Invalid classname '#{classname}") if tokens.empty?
m = Object
tokens[0..-2].each do |sym|
if m.const_defined?(sym)
m = m.const_get(sym)
c =
m.const_set(sym, c)
m = c
sym = tokens[-1]
if m.const_defined?(sym)
c = m.const_get(sym)
c =
m.const_set(sym, c)
end # Bag
end # Oj
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