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# Optimized JSON (Oj), as the name implies was written to provide speed
# optimized JSON handling.
# Oj has several dump or serialization modes which control how Objects are
# converted to JSON. These modes are set with the :mode option in either the
# default options or as one of the options to the dump() method.
# - :strict mode will only allow the 7 basic JSON types to be serialized. Any other Object
# will raise and Exception.
# - :null mode replaces any Object that is not one of the JSON types is replaced by a JSON null.
# - :object mode will dump any Object as a JSON Object with keys that match
# the Ruby Object's variable names without the '@' character. This is the
# highest performance mode.
# - :compat mode is is the compatible with other systems. It will serialize
# any Object but will check to see if the Object implements a to_hash() or
# to_json() method. If either exists that method is used for serializing the
# Object. The to_hash() is more flexible and produces more consistent output
# so it has a preference over the to_json() method. If neither the to_json()
# or to_hash() methods exist then the Oj internal Object variable encoding
# is used.
module Oj
require 'oj/version'
require 'oj/bag'
require 'oj/oj' # C extension
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