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;; -*- mode: outline; outline-regexp: " *[-\+]"; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
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- memory leak on bad json
- next
- optimize read_hex in load.c
- add options for path in fetch
- wild cards
- setup travis to run tests
- does not load the oj gem in some cases
- stream
- use with Oj::Doc
- use with standard
- add callback SAX like option
- callback parser
- object_start
- object_end
- array_start
- array_end
- value - provide accessor call or object to get value
- key - provide accessor call or object to get value
- default callbacks use straight C and create Hash or Object according to mode
- callback object
- check respond_to? for each method at start
- methods to indicate that defaults should be used instead of ignored
- use_default_hash_callback?
- use_default_array_callback?
- use_default_key_callback?
- use_default_value_callback?
- or maybe
- hash_callback? returns nil, :default, :my_hash_callback
- default is to check hash_start and hash_end and no nothing if they do not exist
- dump
- support stream as arg
- always dump to stream/file if possible (check performance)
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