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Benchmarks #48

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In my production application, I ran some benchmarks to find the fastest JSON rendering engine. I'm using RABL to render.

I ran the same test, for 6 different templates (our most used ones), with each record from our DB, 10 times each.
I ran once for yajl and once for oj. I did not perform any configuration for either.
I rant the tests on a staging machine (same config as production), from a machine in the same EC2 zone.
Results were consistent when run multiple times.
Rails was running 3.2.9, Ruby 1.9.3, Apache.

I found that yajl was faster. I wasn't expecting it to be. Is this possible/reasonable in some circumstances (every app is different)? Is there anything I else I might have missed or might want to consider before moving ahead?



If you are interested in helping make Oj faster, please reopen the issue with some additional details.

@ohler55 ohler55 closed this

Sorry, I never got around to making an example that I could send. I'll get to it eventually, but until then, keep the issue closed. :) I'll wake it up when I get to it. And I will eventually get to it.


Okay, lets reopen when you get a chance to put together a public benchmark.

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