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a attribute is an attribute name usually beginning with the @ character
i attribute is the id of the object if circular references are used
<!ENTITY % common_attrs
<!ENTITY % any "(a*, b*, c*, f*, g*, h*, i*, j*, l*, m*, n*, o*, p*, r*, s*, t*, u*, v*, x*, y*, z*)*">
<!ELEMENT o %any;>
c CDATA #REQUIRED> <!-- c attribute identifies the class of the serialized object -->
<!ELEMENT a %any;> <!-- Array -->
<!ATTLIST a %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT b (#PCDATA)> <!-- Base64 encoded String -->
<!ATTLIST b %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT c (#PCDATA)> <!-- Class -->
<!ATTLIST c %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT f (#PCDATA)> <!-- Float -->
<!ATTLIST f %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT g (#PCDATA)> <!-- Regexp -->
<!ATTLIST g %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT h %any;> <!-- Hash -->
<!ATTLIST h %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT i (#PCDATA)> <!-- Fixnum in base 10, e.g., -1234 -->
<!ATTLIST i %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT j (#PCDATA)> <!-- Bignum -->
<!ATTLIST j %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT l (#PCDATA)> <!-- Rational -->
<!ATTLIST l %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT m (#PCDATA)> <!-- Symbol -->
<!ATTLIST m %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT n EMPTY> <!-- False -->
<!ATTLIST n %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT p (#PCDATA)> <!-- Ref -->
<!ATTLIST p %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT r (#PCDATA)> <!-- Range -->
<!ATTLIST r %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT s (#PCDATA)> <!-- String -->
<!ATTLIST s %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT t (#PCDATA)> <!-- Time -->
<!ATTLIST t %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT u %any;> <!-- Struct -->
<!ATTLIST u %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT v (#PCDATA)> <!-- Complex -->
<!ATTLIST v %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT x (#PCDATA)> <!-- Raw XML embedded document -->
<!ATTLIST x %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT y EMPTY> <!-- True -->
<!ATTLIST y %common_attrs;>
<!ELEMENT z EMPTY> <!-- Nil -->
<!ATTLIST z %common_attrs;>
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