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;; -*- mode: outline; outline-regexp: " *[-\+]"; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
^c^d hide subtree
^c^s show subtree
- todo
- add UTF-16 support
U+0000..U+D7FF, U+E000..U+EFFF 00000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
U+10000..U+10FFFF uuuuuxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy 110110wwwwxxxxxx 110111yyyyyyyyyy (where uuuuu = wwww + 1)
- hints
xmllint --valid --noout --dtdvalid ../misc/ox.dtd --debug sample.xml
#rsync -vru --exclude ".*" --exclude "*~" --exclude "#*" --exclude misc --exclude "*.o" ~/code/ox/ ~/git/ox
rsync -vrI --exclude ".*" --exclude "*~" --exclude "#*" --exclude misc --exclude "*.o" ~/code/ox/ ~/git/ox
rsync -vrI --exclude ".*" --exclude "*~" --exclude "#*" --exclude misc --exclude "*.o" ~/git/ox/ ~/code/ox
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