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Example of actively yielding results from the SAX parser. #78

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The existing Ox::Sax example doesn't illustrate the benefit of using a sax parser to yield results actively in stream.


Thanks for the contribution. Busy at work so was slow to merge.

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@@ -171,6 +171,38 @@ Ox.sax_parse(handler, io)
# end: top
+### Yielding results immediately while SAX XML Parsing:
+require 'stringio'
+require 'ox'
+class Yielder < ::Ox::Sax
+ def initialize(block); @yield_to = block; end
+ def start_element(name);; end
+io ={
+<top name="sample">
+ <middle name="second">
+ <bottom name="third"/>
+ </middle>
+proc = { |name| puts name }
+handler =
+puts "before parse"
+Ox.sax_parse(handler, io)
+puts "after parse"
+# outputs
+# before parse
+# top
+# middle
+# bottom
+# after parse
### Object XML format
The XML format used for Object encoding follows the structure of the
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