APIs for 2.x Top Level Entities

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All 2.x API calls are designed to be backwards compatible with older 2.x releases.

Entity Short Description
Access Request Manipulation CRUD operations on access request (i.e a request to be granted privileges to setup users and groups).
Annotation Manipulation CRUD operations on annotations. Users can annotate survey responses, prompt responses and other annotations.
Audio Manipulation Read operations on all audio files. **Deprecated**, instead use Media Manipulation
Audit APIs ohmage audits every request made of the system.
Campaign Definition A campaign is a script for user self-report.
Campaign Manipulation CRUD operations on campaigns.
Class Manipulation CRUD operations on classes. A class is a group of users with data access types.
Document Manipulation CRUD operations on documents. A document is simply a file that is uploaded to ohmage.
Image Manipulation Read operations on images. Images are allowed as responses in surveys. (Prefer Media Manipulation below if you do not need batch read or image size specifications.)
Media Manipulation Read operations on all media files. Applies to images, documents, audio and video supplied in survey responses.
Mobility Data Manipulation CR and aggregate operations on mobility data. A mobility data point contains a classified ambulatory mode along with the data that was used to generate that classification.
Observer Manipulation CRUD operations on observers. An observer can contain many streams, which can represent any passively collected mobile phone data stream.
Self-Registration APIs Self-registration and password reset APIs.
Server Configuration Read Get information about global system variables.
Survey Manipulation CRUD operations on surveys, including the changing of a survey's privacy state and aggregate survey data functions.
User Authentication Login to ohmage in a stateless or stateful manner; logout; find a username given an authentication token.
User Manipulation CRUD operations on users; stats; class and campaign associations.
Video Manipulation Read operations on all video files. **Deprecated**, instead use Media Manipulation
Visualization APIs ohmage can dispatch to OpenCPU, which can generate visualizations of survey data.