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The fastest way to get testing and developing against ohmage! This is a vagrant box pre-configured to be running the latest stable version of ohmage the second you turn it on. Obviously, some assumptions have been made about the deployment, so it should never be used in production.

It is based on the ohmage chef cookbook and the base box should be updated and become more feature-filled as that cookbook becomes more generic!

Below is a list of the installed software and a quick little guide to getting started!

Getting Started

Simple as pie, right?

  • Install VirtualBox
  • Install Vagrant
  • Clone this repository, cd to it.
  • type vagrant up
  • Access your ohmage installation from your system at

Installed Packages

Here are the installed packages:

  • Java (namely openjdk-7-jre-headless)
  • Tomcat 7
  • MySQL 5.5
  • nginx

And some information about what is doing what:

  • Tomcat7 is serving the ohmage 2.16 webapp on port 8080
  • nginx is serving our various static frontends (stored at /var/www) on port 80 (and also proxying traffic from /app to tomcat7)
  • MySQL is configured to have a single db called ohmage with a user ohmage and password pleasechangeme
  • Visting will allow you to log in, done with the initial info: ohmage.admin and password ohmage.passwd

A few more quick notes!

  • You'll need to change the IP address the survey_tool points to if you opt not to use the private network address You can do this by editing /var/www/webapps/survey/js/config/ConfigManager.js.

Thanks, and have fun!


a quick vagrant setup for testing/developing against ohmage.




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