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TS/JS Helper for Shopify API.
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Shopify Frontend API

A basic JS/TS library for frontend Shopify API for common tasks.

Written in TypeScript with exports to plain Javascript and Browser (through Browserify).



npm i --save git://


See dist/sfa(.min).js

Usage Examples

Note: Promise is required, be sure to polyfill. Below examples are async/await but you can use standard Promise API as well.


const { Collection, Product, Checkout, Cart } = require('scsm');

// Get the cart
const cart = await Cart.get();

// Add a single item
const cart = await Cart.add({ id: 20909233, quantity: 1, properties: { } });

// Add multiple items one-by-one
const cart = await Cart.add([
  { id: 20909233, quantity: 1, properties: { } },
  { id: 43243244, quantity: 1, properties: { special: true } },

// Remove item
const cart = await Cart.remove(id);

// Remove item by line
const cart = await Cart.removeByLine(2);

// Update an item
const cart = await Cart.update({ 3839983: 3, 3893983: 1 });

// Update items quantities by line
const cart = await Cart.update([1, 3, 4]);

// Clear cart
await Cart.clear();

// Add a cart note
const cart = await Cart.note('Hey!');

// Add attributes
const cart = await Cart.attributes({ 'Test': true });

// Get product
const product = await Product.get('some-handle');

// Get collection
const collection = await Collection.get('some-handle');

// Get collection products
const products = await Collection.getProducts('some-handle');

// Get checkout
const checkout = await Checkout.get();

// Apply and verify a discount
const code = 'LD287';
await Checkout.applyDiscount(code);
const result = await Checkout.verifyDiscount(code);

if (!result) {
    console.log('Discount failed, not a good code');

console.log(; // Returns how much discount, and it worked!

Javascript (Browser)

<!-- layouts/theme.liquid -->
<!-- save sfa.min.js to assets/ -->
{{ 'sfa.min.js' | asset_url | script_url }}

 // All examples above, execept prefix with SFA
 // Example:
 SFA.Cart.get().then(function (cart) {


Code is written in TypeScript based in src directory.

npm run build will convert the TypeScript code to Javascript and place output into lib directory.


npm run prepare will compile the TypeScript, run Babelify and Browserify.

This will output TypeScript compile to lib directory. This will output minfied browser compatible Javascript to dist directory.


Not yet tested.


Released under the MIT License.

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