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extract plugin

This plugin defines a function called extract that extracts the archive file you pass it, and it supports a wide variety of archive filetypes.

This way you don't have to know what specific command extracts a file, you just do extract <filename> and the function takes care of the rest.

To use it, add extract to the plugins array in your zshrc file:

plugins=(... extract)

Supported file extensions

Extension Description
7z 7zip file
Z Z archive (LZW)
apk Android app file
aar Android library file
bz2 Bzip2 file
deb Debian package
gz Gzip file
ipsw iOS firmware file
jar Java Archive
lrz LRZ archive
lz4 LZ4 archive
lzma LZMA archive
rar WinRAR archive
rpm RPM package
sublime-package Sublime Text package
tar Tarball
tar.bz2 Tarball with bzip2 compression
tar.gz Tarball with gzip compression
tar.lrz Tarball with lrzip compression
tar.lz Tarball with lzip compression
tar.lz4 Tarball with lz4 compression
tar.xz Tarball with lzma2 compression
tar.zma Tarball with lzma compression
tar.zst Tarball with zstd compression
tbz Tarball with bzip compression
tbz2 Tarball with bzip2 compression
tgz Tarball with gzip compression
tlz Tarball with lzma compression
txz Tarball with lzma2 compression
tzst Tarball with zstd compression
war Web Application archive (Java-based)
xpi Mozilla XPI module file
xz LZMA2 archive
zip Zip archive
zst Zstandard file (zstd)

See list of archive formats for more information regarding archive formats.

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