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ahrex and robbyrussell Provide even spacing between marks (#7456)
Before, when typing the `marks` command, longer mark keys would cause
the tabs to spill over to the next tab stop, like so:

    rc      -> /home/ahlex/.rc
    repos   -> /home/ahlex/repos
    a-longer-string         -> /tmp

Implement better key display by running through all of the marks twice,
once to get the longest key length, and the second time to format
everything according to that length:

                 rc -> /home/ahlex/.rc
              repos -> /home/ahlex/repos
    a-longer-string -> /tmp
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Failed to load latest commit information. jump: add README (#7237) Oct 5, 2018
jump.plugin.zsh Provide even spacing between marks (#7456) Dec 31, 2018

Jump plugin

This plugin allows to easily jump around the file system by manually adding marks. Those marks are stored as symbolic links in the directory $MARKPATH (default $HOME/.marks)

To use it, add jump to the plugins array in your zshrc file:

plugins=(... jump)


Command Description
jump <mark-name> Jump to the given mark
mark [mark-name] Create a mark with the given name or with the name of the current directory if none is provided
unmark <mark-name> Remove the given mark
marks List the existing marks and the directories they point to
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