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npm plugin

The npm plugin provides completion as well as adding many useful aliases.

To use it, add npm to the plugins array of your zshrc file:

plugins=(... npm)


Alias Command Descripton
npmg npm i -g Install dependencies globally
npmS npm i -S Install and save to dependencies in your package.json
npmD npm i -D Install and save to dev-dependencies in your package.json
npmE PATH="$(npm bin)":"$PATH" Run command from node_modules folder based on current directory
npmO npm outdated Check which npm modules are outdated
npmV npm -v Check package versions
npmL npm list List installed packages
npmL0 npm ls --depth=0 List top-level installed packages
npmst npm start Run npm start
npmt npm test Run npm test
npmR npm run Run npm scripts
npmP npm publish Run npm publish
npmI npm init Run npm init
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