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flatiron32 and mcornella Use safer append to hook function arrays (#8406)
Use add-zsh-hook to add functions to hooks. That way they won't be added again
when doing `source ~/.zshrc` multiple times.

Co-authored-by: Marc Cornellà <>
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Virtualenvwrapper plugin

This plugin loads Python's virtualenvwrapper shell tools.

To use it, add virtualenvwrapper to the plugins array in your zshrc file:

plugins=(... virtualenvwrapper)


The plugin allows to automatically activate virtualenvs on cd into git repositories with a matching name:

➜  github $ cd ansible
(ansible) ➜  ansible git:(devel) $ cd docs
(ansible) ➜  docs git:(devel) $ cd ..
(ansible) ➜  ansible git:(devel) $ cd ..
➜  github $

We can override this by having a .venv file in the directory containing a differently named virtualenv:

➜  github $ cat ansible/.venv
➜  github $ cd ansible
(myvirtualenv) ➜  ansible git:(devel) $ cd ..
➜  github $

We can disable this behaviour by setting DISABLE_VENV_CD=1 before Oh My Zsh is sourced:

plugins=(... virtualenvwrapper)
source $ZSH/
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