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Yarn plugin

This plugin adds completion for the Yarn package manager, as well as some aliases for common Yarn commands.

To use it, add yarn to the plugins array in your zshrc file:

plugins=(... yarn)


Alias Command Description
y yarn The Yarn command
ya yarn add Install a package in dependencies (package.json)
yad yarn add --dev Install a package in devDependencies (package.json)
yap yarn add --peer Install a package in peerDependencies (package.json)
yb yarn build Run the build script defined in package.json
ycc yarn cache clean Clean yarn's global cache of packages
yd yarn dev Run the dev script defined in package.json
yga yarn global add Install packages globally on your operating system
ygls yarn global list Lists global installed packages
ygrm yarn global remove Remove global installed packages from your OS
ygu yarn global upgrade Upgrade packages installed globally to their latest version
yh yarn help Show help for a yarn command
yi yarn init Interactively creates or updates a package.json file
yin yarn install Install dependencies defined in package.json
yln yarn lint Run the lint script defined in package.json
yls yarn list List installed packages
yout yarn outdated Check for outdated package dependencies
yp yarn pack Create a compressed gzip archive of package dependencies
yrm yarn remove Remove installed packages
yrun yarn run Run a defined package script
ys yarn serve Start the dev server
yst yarn start Run the start script defined in package.json
yt yarn test Run the test script defined in package.json
ytc yarn test --coverage Run the test script defined in package.json with coverage
yuc yarn global upgrade && yarn cache clean Upgrade global packages and clean yarn's global cache
yui yarn upgrade-interactive Prompt for which outdated packages to upgrade
yup yarn upgrade Upgrade packages to their latest version
yv yarn version Update the version of your package
yw yarn workspace Run a command within a single workspace.
yws yarn workspaces Run a command within all defined workspaces.
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