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External plugins

Marc Cornell脿 edited this page Sep 29, 2021 · 19 revisions

A list of plugins that don't come bundled with oh-my-zsh

There is no restriction for adding your plugin into zsh bundle (unlike themes) but the rationale for creating this page is next:

  • sometimes you're not really sure if your plugin will not harm (e.g. it can break something).


It should be clear from this.

The plugins

Custom git plugin

Fixes some inconsistencies in the default git plugin that make the aliases more intuitive, while adding some other useful functions.

You can get it from here.

Git auto status

If you found yourself constantly typing git status after bunch of commands like git commit and you want to avoid that, then this plugin is for you.

This plugin is a nice addition to git_prompt_status.

You can get it from here.

History Sync

GPG encrypted, Internet synchronized Zsh history using Git.

You can get it from here.

Doge Say

Get a doge to repeat every command you put in!

See it in action:

Alt Text

And get your doge here.


Give tab-completions to z.

fz demo

Get it here.


Homepage: Maintainer: guiferpa


This plugin show platforms version


Nodejs, NPM, Docker, Go, Python, Elixir and Ruby



xxh - bring Oh My Zsh wherever you go through the SSH

Some users may want to use Oh My Zsh during the SSH connections. There is xxh project that allows bring Zsh with Oh My Zsh framework to the remote host without any installations, root access or affection on the host.


A small, tidy, lightweight notes app that creates a daily text file and timestamps every line of added text