The part of Statika which contains all Amazon Web Services specifics
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aws-statika project

This the part of statika project which contains all Amazon Web Services specific abstractions, such as


To add a direct dependency in your sbt-project, add these lines:

resolvers += "Era7 maven releases" at ""

libraryDependencies += "ohnosequences" %% "aws-statika" % <version>

Normally, you should use sbt-statika plugin instead. It adds this dependency with the latest stable version and adds other things, which are kind of standardized configuration for statika bundles and distributions.

General documentation

Besides documentation for the components of the library (see links in the beginning), This repo contains general documentation on statika usage related to AWS:

See also statika core library documentation, if you haven't yet, it describes general ideas and explains how to write bundles (and what they are, of course).