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barid is a simple mail server written in C for POSIX. barid is *not* a relaying
server; the intention is for barid to be run on a computer and receive mail
from other Mail Transfer Agents (MTA's).

barid is multi-threaded, can receive secured email using STARTTLS, and fully
supports IPv6. barid can output to standard output or into an Mbox format.

Currently, there are no anti-spam features.

Usage: ./barid [-p port] [-s] [-m mbox directory] [-k /path/to/key] [-c /path/to/cert] <host>
        -p      the port to listen on (defaults to 25)
        -s      output all mails to STDOUT
        -m      output all mails, in MBOX format, to mbox directory
        -k      path to server private key
        -c      path to server certificate

        host:   server hostname or IP (e.g., `` or ``)
                Mails that are not at the hostnames will be rejected.
                To allow mails to multiple servers, simply specify more server hosts
                To allow mails to any server, do not specify a host.
                First hostname given will be used to reply, unless none is given (defaults to

        Note: if key and certificate are not both given, the server will not support SSL.