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Modular IRC bot. The reincarnation of athenabot!
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It's a modular IRC bot written in C!


minverabot is a simple multi-threaded bot written in C.

It is the continuation of an old effort to write an IRC bot.


  • modular
  • reload modules without restarting the bot
  • commands run in threads (all bot interface functions are threadsafe)
    • Errors in a command don't kill the entire bot
  • SSL support


The bot reads all config options from environment variables.

BOT_NICK - Nick that the bot uses
BOT_USER - The ident for the bot
BOT_NAME - The realname of the bot
BOT_LOG_VERBOSITY - The verbosity of the bot on stdout (default to 1, 2 = raw send/receive, 1 = messages only, 0 = nothing)
BOT_NETWORK_HOST - The host irc server
BOT_NETWORK_PORT - The port of the irc server
BOT_NETWORK_SSL - Whether or not to use SSL (default to '0', set to '1' to enable SSL)
BOT_NETWORK_PASSWORD - A password for the server, if applicable (use 'nickserv username:nickserv pass' for SASL)
BOT_PREFIX - The prefix to use (if omitted, defaults to ',')
BOT_MODULES_DIR - The directory where modules are (if omitted, defaults to modules/)
BOT_OWNER_HOST - The host of the owner (if omitted, there is no owner)

how to reload modules

To reload modules, send a SIGUSR1 to the bot's PID. e.g.

kill -USR1 <bot pid>

The bot outputs its PID when it launches.

developing modules

Please see some of the included modules in src/modules/ and the primary module API in include/module.h.

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