WWDC 2018 video downloader script written in Swift - no external dependency.
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WWDC 2018 Video sessions bulk download (wwdc2018.swift)

wwdc2018.swift script is a Swift script that should work out of the box without any needs of extra software or development package.

Its main purpose is to let you bulk download all WWDC session videos, pdf resources and sample codes in one shot.

Latest version is wwdc2018.swift, but you might want to use previous years versions.

Ok, this script is not the best in class solution for getting WWDC videos and other resources. There are multiple version of scripts that does the same out there. But the best in class reference is the nice designed mac application done by Guilherme Rambo : WWDC. You definitly want to check he's website.

The current scripts was mainly created to get in one shot all videos at the end of DubDubDC right before you run back home (in an exernal hardrive for instance). It's a good move to take benefice of WWDC conference center fast cable connection.

Using the options below, you can choose to retrieve HD or SD videos and request to download pdf and sample codes as well.

Note: script will download videos/pdfs in the current directory.



downloads by default WWDC 2018 HD videos sessions.


You can try wwdc2018.swift --help for more options.

Usage: wwdc2018.swift [--hd] [--sd] [--pdf] [--pdf-only] [--sample] [--sample-only] [--sessions <s1 s2 ...>] [--list-only] [--help]


	- Download all SD videos for wwdc 2018:
		./wwdc2018.swift --sd
	- Download all SD videos & the slides PDF for wwdc 2018:
		./wwdc2018.swift --sd --pdf

	- Download all SD videos, slides PDF & the sample code for wwdc 2018:
		./wwdc2018.swift --sd --pdf --sample
	- Download only all PDF for wwdc 2018:
		./wwdc2018.swift --pdf-only
	- Download only all sample code for wwdc 2018:
		./wwdc2018.swift --sample-only

	- Download only SD videos + PDFs for sessions 503 and 504 for wwdc 2018:
		./wwdc2018.swift --sd --pdf --sessions 503 504

	- List titles of known sessions for wwdc 2018:
		./wwdc2018.swift --list-only


Works on macOS.

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Note: the previous wwdcVideoPDFGet-curlVersion.sh has been deprecated (see previous readme)