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Conduct personal backups to Amazon's Glacier service
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Conduct personal backups to Amazon's Glacier service. The task is made vastly simpler due to Amazon's bridge between S3 and Glacier by way of transition policies.

In other words, you can copy files to an S3 bucket which then transitions the files automatically to Glacier behind the scenes. It is much easier than using Glacier directly, which requires you to keep record of backup metadata (i.e. which file is located in which archive).


  • Use the .rvmrc file and then bundle install
  • Copy the config.yml.example to $HOME/.glacierbackup.yml
  • Add the following to the config file:
  • Desired directories to backup
  • AWS keypair
  • Bucket used for backup location

An sqlite database will be created in $HOME/.glacierbackup.sqlite automatically.

Bucket Naming

Please note! S3 bucket names must be globally unique. This program will verify that your configured bucket exists and will attempt to create it if it is not yet present. There is of course the chance that the bucket will exist and you didn't create it. This program will verify that you are the owner of the bucket before attempting to use it.


  • Just run the glacier_backup.rb script. It will print runtime information.
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