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# cassaforte
This is a work in progress that is not getting much attention.
Cassaforte is wrapper for the Cassandra thrift API.
It's built around the following design and engineering goals:
1.) Allows users raw access to the Thrift API in an idiomatic way.
2.) Use the abstractions from (1) to create a more abstracted interface.
3.) Provide one implementation for (2), but allow users to easily adapt their own implementation
4.) Decouple the implementations and interfaces such that changes to Thrift API won't break old code
and will make it easier, if not automatic, to extend the interface to use new API features.
This code makes use of Clojure 1.2 features.
All dependencies will be bundled, including the Cassandra-encouraged UUID:
Design decisions and implementation hints were taken from the following projects:
and to some degree,
## Usage
FIXME: write
## Installation
Leiningen: [cassaforte "0.1-SNAPSHOT"]
## License
Copyright (C) 2010 Paul deGrandis. All rights reserved.
Distributed under the MIT License; see the file LICENSE at the root of this distribution.