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Some updates to night life; added pizza, holler at the Timbers

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@@ -42,6 +42,8 @@ Paul's short list of things you should do
* If we have a clear day, get up to [Washington Park // The Japanese Gardens](
* you'll be able to see Mt. Hood and St. Helens.
* Check out [Powell's Books]( The Technical Book store even includes schematics for Tesla coils.
+ * If you like Soccer or are a general sports fan, check out [Jeld-Wen Stadium]( - home of the Portland Timbers
+ * If you're in the market for unique, classic jewelry, take a walk over to [Gilt](
* If you need to get to a mall (or the Apple store for example), there's a mall in downtown at Pioneer Square called, [Pioneer Place](
@@ -70,6 +72,7 @@ There are more brewpubs than you can shake a fist at
* [Clyde Common](
* [Deschutes]( - *right* next to the venue
* [Kask](
+ * [The Driftwood Room]( - this is the hotel bar at The DeLuxe. GREAT happy hour.
* [Rogue](
* [Bailey's Taproom]( - 20 taps, international, constantly rotating
* Ringlers or The Annex - both are [McMenamins](, an area empire of breweries, brewpubs, restaurants, and more
@@ -101,11 +104,13 @@ Forget whatever you heard, Voodoo doughnuts aren't that good. They're mostly a
### Nightlife
* [Backspace](
- * [The Doug Fir]( `**`
- * [Holocene]( `**`
+ * [The Doug Fir]( `**` - on the east side
+ * [Holocene]( `**` - on the east side
* [Ground Kontrol](
* [Pope House Bourbon Lounge]( - one of the coolest, chill, bars/lounges. `**`
- * [Wurst Bar]( `**`
+ * [Wurst Bar]( `**` - on the east side
+ * [Living Room Theater]( - See a movie, while eating a solid dinner and drinking adult beverages.
+ * They also occasionally have solid Jazz bands play in the lounge.
* [Crystal Ballroom](
* Really any bar you see in downtown. The closer you go to chinatown (towards the river), you'll find more night clubs and bro-bars.
* your best bet is to stay downtown, the pearl, Knob Hill/Alphabet district.
@@ -123,6 +128,17 @@ Forget whatever you heard, Voodoo doughnuts aren't that good. They're mostly a
* [Prasad](
* [Freshii](
+### Pizza
+For whatever reason, the entire west coast has no idea how to make east coast style food.
+Pizza on the east coast is like burritos on the west coast.
+Nonetheless, here are some pizza places:
+ * [Sizzle pie]( - $3 for cheese, right near Powell's
+ * [Hot Lips]( `**`
+ * [Schmizza]( - a chain that's here in the area. Pizza, apps, beer.
### Fancy Dinner
* Higgins
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