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This is the project, demo, notes and presentation for my pdxfunc talk on Clojure Data Structures and Reducers

A General Overview

Using the Clojure REPL

More to come, but: lein repl

Working with Clojure

VimClojure and Foreplay tips

Here are helpful Foreplay and VimClojure commands

  • K - lookup word
  • gd - goto definition (ctrl-w g d is most helpful)
  • gf - goto file (ctrl-w g f is most helpful)
  • [d - source lookup of word
  • cpp - eval paragraph
  • cpr - require file
  • cpw - eval word (see what it's bound/def'd to)
  • :Source, :Doc, :FindDoc, and :Apropros
  • \tr - toggle rainbow parens

Paredit.vim tips

I also make use of the paredit.vim file from the slimv.vim plugin. This assumes your <leader> is \

  • :call PareditToggle() - toggle it on and off.
  • \W wrap in paren (works with visual selection too)
  • \J join paren - (a)(b) -> (a b)
  • \O split paren - (a b) -> (a)(b)
  • \S splice paren - ((a b)) -> (a b)
  • \< move left - moves parens around blocks (a)|(b) -> ((a) b)
  • \> move right - moves parens around blocks (a|)(b) -> (a (b))
  • [[ and ]] browses across top-level forms
  • ( and ) browses across parens

Wrapping can also be tailored, and used on a visual block:

  • \w"
  • \w[
  • \w(

Other useful tips

Other VIM tips


Copyright © 2012 Paul deGrandis // NDensity

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure. Please see the LICENSE_epl.html for details.

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