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A Leiningen template for building micro-services in Pedestal.

Installing this fork

$ git clone
$ cd pedestal-micro
$ lein install

Update your ~/.lein/profiles.clj to include [pedestal-micro/lein-template "0.3.0-Pd"] within your {:user {:plugins [...]}} section.

Creating a project

$ lein new pedestal-micro com.example/web-service

The generated project includes both a build.boot file (for boot, my preferred project manager) and, project.clj (for Leiningen).

The two are roughly equivalent, but I suggest you pick one, and discard the other.


Task Boot Leiningen
Launch a REPL boot repl lein repl
Run Tests boot test lein test
Launch a server boot server lein run
Build a deployable JAR boot build lein uberjar


The service is configured through a single file, config/system.edn. If a requested config key is not present within that file, the system will attempt to resolve it as an environment variable. If there is no environment variable by that name, then a not-found value will be used, which is nil by default.

You may want to update the :host value to "" before deploying.

Building a Docker container

# With Leiningen
$ lein uberjar

# With Boot
$ boot build

$ sudo docker build .

Building and Running an OSv image

This requires Capstan to be installed.

# With Leiningen
$ lein uberjar

# With Boot
$ boot build

$ capstan run [any options you want]

You can also modify your Capstanfile to perform the build step for you.

Note that you will also have to remove the Chronicle dependency from your project.clj or file, and comment/remove the Chronicle section within config/logback.xml.


Template for creating micro-services in Pedestal




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