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This was adapted by Paul deGrandis and redistributed.
This is the last release of SAClib before the code base was cut over to C++
For a rationale behind the port, please see the paper/thesis:
Compiler-enforced Memory Semantics in the SACLIB Computer Algebra Library
0. Copyright Information
SACLIB is (C) 1993 by Kurt Goedel Institute.
For details refer to the file "COPYRIGHT", which is located in the same
directory as this "README" file.
There are no real restrictions upon non-commercial use of SACLIB, but please
do not forget that we request you to send e-mail to
after having installed SACLIB on your system.
1. What is available
The SACLIB package consists of two .tar files:
saclib.tar : contains all the files needed for installing SACLIB.
isac.tar : contains all the files needed for for installing ISAC, a
simple interactive shell for SACLIB.
ISAC requires an installed SACLIB, but SACLIB can be used
independently of ISAC.
2. Un-taring
"saclib.tar" contains about 650 files in a directory tree whose top node is
called 'saclib'. If you un-tar "saclib.tar", this directory will be created in
your current directory.
The same goes for "isac.tar", but here there are about 25 files in the
"isac.tar" file and the top level directory is called 'isac'.
On a generic UNIX system, the command to untar a file with the extension
".tar.Z" is as follows:
> zcat saclib.tar.Z | tar -xvf -
Note that the option "v" in "tar -xvf" causes tar to list all files. As
this might slow the operation down, you might not want to use this option.
3. Installing
The "README" files in 'saclib' and 'isac' contain detailed installation
4. Maintenance
For further information contact
via Internet e-mail or
SACLIB Maintenance
Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
Johannes Kepler University
4020 Linz
via mail.
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