A quality/architecture checklist for building internet-facing applications
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A quality/architecture checklist

Quality-attribute, risk-driven, architecture checklists aid in delivering a higher-quality product, more efficiently, and more consistently.

While many checklists of this style exist, most overlap and don't speak to modern (2010+) application development.

This checklist aims to focus you and your team on:

  • Quality-attributes and risks of the high concern and greatest impact
  • Modeling and architecting only what matters most
  • Raw problem solving around the problem domain
  • Code quality and consistency
  • Project deployment concerns
  • A security-integrated approach

View the latest PDF

SEMAT Kernel

There is also a SEMAT Essence Kernel Org file, that should be used for all projects, regardless of their focus. It can also be used to drive activities like retrospective or risk analysis.

See the kernel

For more information on SEMAT and Essence, read an introductory ACM article or watch the Google Tech Talk.


Released under CC 4.0 Attribution