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# tee

This is a scratchpad for me and nothing here should be seen as a good idea.

Tee started as a port of Zach Beane's tee macro.
This spun off rapidly into a library for an all-clojure job queue.
This in turn can also operate as a message queue, using the identity message.

I then decided to add destibuted queue functionality based on Aleph (mostly as an excuse to play with Aleph more).
It was around this point I discovered 'work', a sweet worker/jobbing package for clojure (
So, it goes without saying I leveraged that and stated aiming to build in compatibility.

This soon led to me building simple distributed namespaces (now called net-ns), then I realized this was
getting way out of hand, and I should chop thing up.

TODO - discuss local parallel queueing, distributed async queueing

## Usage

FIXME: write

## Installation

FIXME: write

## Helpful bits on vimclojure

Start a nailgun (which will also open a repl),
run the following command from the project root:

Here are helpful commands
\rt - run tests in the given namespace
\lw - lookup word
\li - lookup interactive
\gw - goto word
\sw - source lookup word
\el - eval line
\ep - eval paragraph
\me - macro expand
\m1 - macro expand1

## License

Copyright (C) 2010 Paul deGrandis

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.